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Stylin' Xemex XE 5000 Automatic Watch With Perlage Polished Metal Face Sales & Auctions This is one of the rarest Xemex XE 5000 watches out there, and perhaps the most interesting. This is Xemex trying to be even more avant garde and succeeding. The XE 5000 line of Xemex watches was intended to be a higher budget Offroad, and offered complex chronograph and standard three hand models in various flavors.

Veni Vidi Vici Spirit Of The Dragon Collection: Watches Perfect For Aquaman Watch Releases

When I first saw the scaly bracelet of this watch, I instantly thought about Aquaman, the orange scale shirted, underwater comic book (hero?) character who "speaks with fishes." He probably sleeps with the fishes too. The pictured watches from from the Spirit of the Dragon collection from watch maker Veni Vidi Vici, whose goal is to recreate the romance of the Roman empire - in watch form. This aesthetic is a bit better represented in some of their other watches.

Six Professionals That Tend To Be Watch Lovers Feature Articles

The dial itself shows the metallic blue that people go crazy over. It is a great color, and when done right makes for a beautiful watch. The Sinn 203 Arktis was one of the first to use such a blue dial, and since then a few have displayed it. I am not sure why the watch is known as the "Daylight." I am guessing that since blue faced models are often arctic themed, the name refers to the fact that such polar locations of the Earth experience far more daylight, especially in the summer. The little touches are also nice, like the matching colored date window disc, and the easy to read chronograph seconds hand.

So there you have a rich (literally) assortment of watches that will look excellent on that iPhone holding wrist, whether you are using the phone for data or talking. You'll need to be well appointed if you want to separate yourself from the countless others who will eventually be sporting an iPhone as well, and with one of these watches you most certainly can.

Images by artist Russ Schwenkler ("Dangeruss").

Of course Norton has been in plenty of other movies but these are the ones that initially come to mind. So putting aside what the consumer association may be with Norton, lets focus on what all this means for him. Being a watch brand ambassador is not all fun and games. Sure you need to spend hours dolled up in front of a camera swapping watches and wardrobe, but there is so much more. Basically, Norton cannot be see wearing anything other than a Breil watch until his contract is up. That is a pretty steep price if you ask me, especially since Breil watches are nice, but not movie start nice. We are talking about watches that are a few hundred bucks, as opposed to ones which run with a higher league of watch. Imagine him getting together with pals, each has a ,000 - ,000 watch on, and Norton has a 0 Breil. He is basically gonna have to say, "I'm getting mil a year to wear this, screw all of you." Actually I am not sure how much he is making a year on this, but I hope it is at least that.

So where does all this leave me feeling? Still pretty satisfied. I can't help but be impressed with all the materials that went into the watch, the finely decorated movement, and the fact that it is very accurate. Tiffany & Co. may have a few things (or a lot) to learn about pleasing the discerning watch connoisseur, but I still smile with satisfaction each time I look to check the time. The Mark T-57 is an admirable timepiece with lasting aesthetic appeal, that just seems to feel good. While it's not perfect in my opinion as a candidate for a "if I had to own one watch" contest, it does make a fine addition to a collection, and I know I'll wear it often with pride.

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Zenith Defy Xtreme Zero-G Tourbillon Available On JamesList.Com

Zenith Defy Xtreme Zero-G Tourbillon Available On JamesList.Com

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Watch Making; The Industry Of The Niche Markets And Boutique Manufactures


Let me introduce a new model to the Oceanus line up, the OCWM800TBA-1A Super Chronograph. The M800 features everything you would expect from Oceanus in an attractive package designed to compliment the avid traveler in both function and form.

I won't hold it against Bell & Ross that most of their retailers  didn't quite correctly get the Spanish version of "limited edition" here. They got the "limitada" part right, but "edition" in Spanish is "edicion" (which an accent mark over the "c" that I can't seem to figure out how to type). That is ok, because the tenor of this watch is still there. At least it is written correctly on the watch itself. The gold and tobacco tones are just what you need when wearing a fine Swiss watch while smoking a cigar.

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Thomas Prescher Tourbillon Trilogy Watches Are The Most Elegant And Refined Tourbillon Watches I've Ever Known Watch Releases Thomas Prescher Tourbillon Trilogy Watches Are The Most Elegant And Refined Tourbillon Watches I've Ever Known Watch Releases Why all the fuss about the number of axises that a tourbillon travels around? To be honest, it is only two things; visual splendor and bragging rights. Thomas Prescher is the first watch maker to successfully place a triple axis tourbillon in a wrist watch. "They said it could not be done!" Well what ever "they" said, it was done, and in a manner that is outstanding to view. Because when it comes down to it, that is the purpose of tourbillon movements in wrist watches. To look cool and complication, which does to the visual splendor element I referred to.

See Temption watches on eBay here.

The price of this watch is about ,000 retail and is a good value considering all the high points. The watch is not perfect, as few watches are. Though allow me to clear a few things up. The watch is rated for 300m water resistance. Some might wonder why not deeper for the money. Well, unless you like seeing large number written on a watch, consider how often if ever your body is not only going to be diving that deep, and surviving. So 300m will satisfy just about anything you'll ever need. The watch is also heavy. To be rugged and reliable the Marinemaster is essentially a hunk of solid steel. It is over 200 grams and about 44mm in size. If you want to reduce the weight you can put on the included rubber strap that comes along with the metal bracelet. Further still, you can simply wear the watch for a few days until your weak wrist adapts. Seriously, that is all it takes to acclimate to a heavier watch.

The Piaget Protocole watch is a very thin watch and inside is a manually wound Piaget in-house caliber 830P movement. Thus, these are world's thinner than the Polo Tourbillon Relatif watches. From a design standpoint, the paintings are well done being hand painted on such a small surface. There looks to be some texturing done making the whole surface look almost coin-like. While the landscapes are not true to life, they do bring out some of the more notable features of each city. Paris is made to look nice and scenic, and the Eiffel Tower stands out. New York is almost as well done, but there is the Statute of Liberty with an oddly thin looking face, and what looks to be New Jersey factories complete with smog pollution in the background. Maybe more true to life that I thought!

Pip-Boy 3000 Wearable Watch & Desk Clock: From Fallout Universe To Reality

Pip-Boy 3000 Wearable Watch & Desk Clock: From Fallout Universe To Reality

Alternatively, if you are a buyer interested in bidding on an auction with a reserve price, it would behoove you to simply ask the seller what the reserve price is. Easy enough, considering a lot of desirable watch auctions are listed with a reserve price, and it is helpful to simply know what that price is. Happy eBaying.

Another Japan Only Spring Drive Movement Watch Line: The Seiko Galante Models Watch Releases Another Japan Only Spring Drive Movement Watch Line: The Seiko Galante Models Watch Releases The case is intentionally complex. Taking a round dial, four large mounting screws, and then a tonneau caseback with a display window. These shapes are typically not used together, but they are here, and it seems to work. In addition, gold is used on some models for a very appealing contrasting look. Then of course there is the dial itself, which is of course different given the model. A common element among all of the case is the use of well faceted components and hands which give the face a high quality, three dimensional look. Seiko is known for their use of innovative and functional hands. This watch is no different, and no matter how luxurious a watch is, they never want to sacrifice and legibility or usefulness. Note the curved ("katana") seconds hand. Remember that the seconds hand sweeps, and the graceful curvature of the purple colored hands add to smooth movement and a particular charm not found in most Seiko watches.

The revolving numbers around the face are similar to styles on Hermes Clipper watches, that I've been fond of for a long time. The browns and reds meld wonderfully with the rose gold hues of the case. Don't take the "XL" part of the name too seriously as the watch is only 42.5mm wide. This is not small, but in today's size standards, it is hardly XL. The standard Bell & Ross 126 size is about 37-38mm wide.

Visit Perpetuelle for more technical info.

In one fell swoop of poor articulated words, Jaeger LeCoultre insults the majority of watch owners out there and every other watch company in the industry. Working with world renowned marketing/ad agency DDB, Jaeger LeCoultre probably walked into their offices saying, "people are buying more mechanical watches, but our sales aren't up proportionally with the increased demand. Here is a million euros, do something."

The watch is pretty big at 45mm wide, 17mm high, and with a 24mm wide bracelet. I like those dimensions on such a technical and strong looking watch. The case itself is made by Germans, and is one of its best and most well milled features. The movement inside the watch is a work-horse ETA 2824-2 movement that will put up with just about anything. I love the bracelet with its many links that make for a comfortable fit attractive looks (look at the engineering on that diver's extension). The watch also comes with a rubber strap, one of the many included accessories that you get. This particular model available further comes with two different bezels, that you can change our yourself. One is black, and the other is steel toned.

JP Lepine Belharra Black HMS Watch Available Watch Releases

Tissot Sea Touch Diving Watch: Officially Announced Watch Releases

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Review Of The Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933 On

Review Of The Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933 On

Speaking of Cruise, his character in the movie is Les Grossman. A satire (and reality) of certain Hollywood execs and Tom Cruise himself, who is as many know, in addition to being an actor, is also a Hollywood exec as co-owner of United Artists Pictures. You can read elsewhere about the ridiculous amount of makeup and body padding (and massive amounts of faux body hair) he wears, but the most noticeable part of his wardrobe is the large Panerai watch on his wrist. Cruise is not the largest man, and the PAM on his wrist looks enormous (it is 44mm wide which is big but not huge), and pretty bad-ass to be honest. Certainly a watch fit for the role. Like Sylvester Stallone, I would guess that this Panerai is from Tom's personal collection as opposed to being furnished by Panerai. Mainly because if I have correctly spotted the model, it is no longer being made and Tom Cruise is a known watch lover often with other large watches such as an IWC.