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The black-and-white tones of the watch are complimented with red hands that introduce a pleasing splash of color and help improve legibility. As a New Gent collection timepiece, the Year of the Horse watch is 41mm wide with a Swiss Swatch Quartz movement inside. The strap is in white silicone - a preferred material these days over plastic as it wears more comfortably. While the Swatch Year of the Horse is a decidedly fun watch, it has a clear artistic quality to it that makes it feel a bit more serious compared to much of the more youthful pieces Swatch is known for offering.

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All versions of the Elegante watch come with rubber straps, and all but the most diamond covered creations feature inlays of rubber. Yes, rubber is used to color sections of the case including the bezel as well as the sides of the case. It should not surprise you that F.P. Journe (who produces the cases) uses a technique derived from grand feu enameling to add the various colors of rubber to the Elegante cases. It woks incredibly well, especially give the unique angles and curves of the tortue-style case.

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LAST CHANCE: RGM American-Made Watch Manufacture Trip

LAST CHANCE: RGM American-Made Watch Manufacture Trip

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Treated to a matte black PVD coating, the Titanium Auto has the look of a piece of military equipment and the finish is remarkable and better than most PVD treatments we commonly see. As a finishing touch, Hamilton has fitted the Titanium Auto with a matching black crown, a welcome addition that is not always seen on cheaper watches.

Bruno Grande (BG): I am a Swiss and Italian citizen. I love sports, I am married with two kids and live in a small village between Geneva and Lausanne. I started my relationship with the watch industry while as a student. I wanted to discover the world and I did so by managing the official timekeepers for many sports events (F1, T&F, ski,Motogp...etc..). This brought me in close contact with many Swiss timekeepers which are now my friends. My first real experience with the industry was when I had the chance to join Swatch as a trainee when Nick Hayek JR was President.

First Prize is a bronze-cased Ancon Magnus that comes in a 45mm wide case with a retail price of 9. Second Prize is the PVD black steel-cased Sea-Shadow with a retail price of 9. Third Prize is a steel Ancon Sea-Shadow with a classic California-style dial with a retail price of 9. Each watch contains a Miyota automatic mechanical movement.

The movement is another story. Inside the UTTE is the Arnold & Son in-house made A&S8200 manually wound caliber. It is just 2.97mm thick, and even has a very respectable power reserve. In total, the watch offers about 80 hours of power reserve, which is pretty darn good. That is more than three days without winding. All that is missing is a power reserve indicator.

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What happens if you get a mechanical movement wet? What would a professional do to correct this issue and what are some things one could do at home?

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Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we're speaking with Xavier Nolot, the CEO Audemars Piguet North America. For his First Grail, he went back to very beginning, calling out a lowly LCD-equipped watch as his first.

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If there was ever a watch that could be rendered in camouflage and get away with it, it would be a Casio G-Shock. The new-for-2014 Casio G-Shock GDX6900CM collection isn't the first time we've seen Casio give its famous Casio G-Shock collection a camo colorway, but these are a rather cool-looking set of watches. Casio even developed a new "3D Camo Print" technique that it is using for at least five new models this year, and the GDX6900CM-5 (greenish) and GDX6900CM-8 (grayish) models will be coming to the US this month.

Geneva-based AkriviA is one of the more recently established independent haute horlogerie brands with a foundation that goes back to the now defunct innovative BNB Concept movement maker and designer. Being an independent in the world of modern watch making means the brand in question is not related to luxury groups or major watch manufactures. While there are a number of trade-offs to be made - such as lack of vast financial and technological resources - one of the major advantages is that their engineers, designers, and watchmakers are not bound by the strict and heavily moderated design philosophies that exist at larger more established brands.

The character on the dial is a form that Chinese artist Xia Hang has been exploring for years now that he refers to as "comma men." It is often the case that artists fixate on a form, character, theme, color, or medium. In Hang's case the medium is steel, and the forms are the comma men. In addition to the solo polished steel figurines he creates, you can find comma men in many of Hang's larger works. Actually, Xia Hang should be familiar to some of MB&F's more involved fans. He has been featured in the MB&F MAD Gallery in Geneva for over a year, where some of his larger mechanical artistic sculptures are on display and for sale. They are pretty cool actually, all functional in their ability to transform - and all feature comma men.

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That's my TL;DR (too long; didn't read) review. Interested?

Cecil Purnell is a brand that we've written about on aBlogtoWatch before, but it is still a company we know little about. What we know is that their timepieces are anything but conservative or traditional and their annual production is very limited. Those who find most of their watch satisfaction from Rolex or Patek Philippe will have little interest in weird stuff like this. Having said that, people looking for serious novelty and willing to pay for effort that sometimes rides a fine line between talent and madness... will enjoy something like this. The good news is that it is actually quite comfortable on the wrist.

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Over on the back of the watch you can see the movement through the sapphire crystal caseback window. It is a very handsome looking movement and is actually very similar to the caliber FC-705 movement I made myself at Frederique Constant. I actually recall what I was thinking back when I first got the Classics Manufacture after turning the case around and being really impressed with the movement's presentation. Use of blued steel screws and a nicely skeletonized automatic rotor gave it a look far removed from most base ETA automatics. I think your lay watch lovers will choose one of these if you compare it side by side with a Hamilton or Longines that has a more basic ETA movement. Frederique Constant overall did a nice job with them and I continue to feel that, for the money, all in-house made Frederique Constant and Alpina movements have a lot to offer.

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The Officer Pro is a good example of what Traser does with watch design. They take a successful, relate-able and practical platform (such as a diver or in this case, a field watch) and install a full compliment of their glowing glass tubes. The Officer Pro measures 42 by 10.5 mm in steel with a black PVD treatment and a lug to lug length of 49.5 mm. The crystal is regrettably of the mineral variety, but the water resistance is a weekend-ready 100 meters, and the total weight on the included nylon (G10/NATO) strap is just 65g.

SevenFriday will release the M1 and M2 watches next month and the price will be about 1,197 Swiss Francs for the M1 and 1,329 Swiss Francs for the M2.

Magrette Leoncino Watch

Magrette Leoncino Watch

One aspect where I would expect to see some further advancements–or rather, more creativity–concerns the decoration of these movements. Since these haute horologerie pieces are hand decorated and assembled by the brand's master watchmakers, I am sure there would be a way to implement newer designs. What I mean by this is that while the tourbillon fits surprisingly well into this otherwise futuristic environment, I find that the Côtes de Genève decoration on the plates shows some lack of imagination, meaning that I feel some new, more modern patterns could be created that would look as elegant and refined as the "Genevan stripes", and yet would not remind us of nearly all traditional pieces out there, showcasing this decoration in one way or another.