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LAST CHANCE: Torgoen T32 Automatic Watch Giveaway Giveaways

For its only West Coast swing of 2014, “It’s About TIME” is preparing an A-list marquee, with over ,000,000 worth of premier-brand Swiss watches. Angelino luxury watch fans of every experience level will be treated to an all-access evening with the stuff dreams are made of.

Shreve, Crump & Low: Boston watch enthusiasts are not terribly different that those in other cities. Boston is an international city, so our clientele is well-educated, well-traveled and articulate. Most watch lovers in Boston work as professors at one of the many prestigious universities or in the vastly growing technological field in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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How One Guy Made A Shockingly Good Urwerk UR-202 Watch Homage Feature Articles How One Guy Made A Shockingly Good Urwerk UR-202 Watch Homage Feature Articles

Hublot will produce 200 pieces of the limited edition ref. 411.SX.1170.LR.WPT15 Hublot Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour watch in steel, and 100 pieces of the ref. 411.OX.1180.LR.WPT15 watch in 18k King gold (95% rose gold, 5% platinum). Prices are ,200 and ,900 respectively.

Montblanc Timewalker Extreme Watch Hands-On

Montblanc Timewalker Extreme Watch Hands-On

There are some subtle cues, such as indices that mimic a diver down flag, and a nice selection of customization options (more on that in a bit). The most interesting bit of styling, though, is courtesy of the dial. It has a texture unlike anything I have seen before. Taking a closer look at it, you can see that it very much imitates the look of wet sand (such as you would find underwater). This is, of course, a nod to the watery tendencies of the watch, but it also gives a nice bit of texture to the dial without obscuring legibility.

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The faster spinning 30 second tourbillon will make the watch more interesting to look at. In order to offer as much functionality as possible, this timepiece does have a traditional seconds hand in the center of the dial. It might be a small distinction, but watches with exposed tourbillons on the dial as well as seconds hands are very rare. You also get a nice "open dial" look with a lot of views into the movement in the gold framed windows to the mechanism. Legibility is maintained thanks to the lumed hands and full assortment of hour markers. I very much like the "onyx finished" black dial that looks great with the rose gold.

Oris Audi Sport Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Ariel Adams: When Apple announced the Apple Watch, they stated that it was the "most personal product" they've ever produced. This goes to the notion that smartwatches are technology you must wear, and they must be fashionable. What separates a "personal design" from an "impersonal design?"

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Kelly Rowland: I'm a girl, so style is important to me in a timepiece. It has to really click with how I put everything together. With my first Special Edition, the first thing I thought about was the color – pink and blue are two of my favorites. I actually wanted to do a black version first instead of pink, but we couldn’t find the right stones to fit inside. It didn’t work. All those subtle elements and choices came together to make the watch really pop. And the size of course – one of the first things I fell in love with with TW Steel watches was they always have a big face. I wanted to continue that.

Hands-On With The George Daniels 35th Anniversary Watch By Roger Smith Hands-On

ABTW: What drew you to this particular watch?

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Speedmaster Moonphase Calendar

Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 On Bracelet Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The book can be purchased via and is priced at 255 Swiss francs or about 9.

Hublot Now In The NFL With Dallas Cowboys Football Team Sponsorship

Hublot Now In The NFL With Dallas Cowboys Football Team Sponsorship

Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Ultra Slim Hands-On Hands-On

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Rolex, of course, isn't the type of company to put anything extra on their timepieces, so it is not really practical to expect them to put some sort of a unique design element on the watch to commemorate the event, but I figured it was worth mentioning. In a sense, collectors can think of the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue dial watch as a consolation to the fact that Rolex will not actually be producing for retail sale the massive Deepsea Challenge concept watch designed for the underwater mission that was water resistant to 12,000 meters. That is over three times the 3,900 meters of water resistance of the Deepsea, but it is designed like a super-sized version of the standard Deepsea. Rolex had just a few weeks to create the Deepsea Challenge concept watch and they only made about 5 or 6 of them.

Since its launch in 2001, and especially during the last couple of years, Richard Mille has been one of those very few modern watchmakers who have not only dreamt big time and time again, bringing down at least some of the old-fashioned walls which older governors of fine watch making had built around themselves, but also had the know-how to back up those extremely bold ideas and realize them. We visited their manufacturing facilities to see how those plans and know-how are put into practice.

Top 10 Editor's Choice Watch Articles Of 2014 ABTW Editors' Lists

6. How Screwed Is The Watch Industry Thanks To The Apple Watch?

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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High Quality Best Cartier-other Replica

For the MB&F HM6 watch MB&F worked with David Candaux Horlogerie Creative to design the movement. I recall with the HM4 that when MB&F released it, they first showed off the movement and then the final timepieces. They did that because the movement was in and of itself a work of art, and seeing it really didn't give you a good idea of what the overall timepiece was going to look like. The situation is the same with the MB&F HM6. The movement has a life of its own and is meritorious as a mechanical creation without a case. It is produced from 475 parts and is unlike most other movements I have seen.

4. Michael Bastian MB Chronowing By Hewlett-Packard Smartwatch Review

As to the rest of the watch, well, it is classic Ball. Under the AR-coated sapphire front, you have got a crisp black dial that remains legible through day and night, thanks to the 15 tritium gas tubes that need no external "charging." Also, in line with the standards of the brand's Engineer line, the Ball Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph features sufficient resistance specs against shock and magnetism – up to 5,000 Gs and 4,800 A/m, respectively. The only "spec" where this new model is a bit of a disappointment is its water resistance rating at only 5 atmospheres, although we are guessing that is due to the unique slide mechanism.

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Hyetis REDLINE Smartwatch Debuts RDL-001 Swiss Mechanical + Electronic Movement Watch Releases

Moving further into the movement, we end up at the one-minute flying tourbillon, literally the centerpiece of the movement. It may seem like a fastidious addition for the sake of having a tourbillon, but actually, the flying tourbillon is the only thing that would work in this case - and here's why... On a standard, non-tourbillon movement a bridge (well, actually a cock, as it does not have two fixed ends) is securing the balance wheel from the top, while a traditional tourbillon is usually held by a bridge.

The SBGE001, while not a new watch, is still produced by Seiko, and this Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE015 was added as a close kin around 2011 as an Asia-only model. Today, the SBGE015 is officially available around the world, but in rather limited numbers. For example, in the United States the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE015 is exclusively available in Seiko's brand boutique store in New York. What makes the SBGE001 and SBGE015 different are materials. The former is in steel with matching hands and hour markers, while the SBGE015 comes in a titanium case with gold-toned hands (aside from the GMT hand), hour markers, and indicators on the bezel. In person, it is extremely handsome and melds modern sentiments with a bit of retro class.

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The New Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Men’s Collection

Imagine the utility of an easy-to-carry drone that can be your eyes in the sky while exploring or hiking. The downside of most current drones isn't their utility, but their size. It makes it difficult to carry for when you need it or in any type of travel scenario. A fold-up drone that can be used for fun or safety would be really useful. There are already very small drones available, but adding a wearable component to them could be really interesting.

Panerai doesn't sell a ton of its watches on bracelets which makes timepieces like the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 decidedly niche among their larger assortment of timepieces. In a sense, that makes them extra cool, but there is a reason for them being less common than Panerai watches on straps. In addition to bracelet not being a "historic" part of the Panerai brand, the bracelet make for a more difficult "perfect fit," which means not everyone will love them. Though, for those people whose wrists match up with the bracelets, they make for a good looking and unique Panerai style. Price for the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM00328 watch is ,100.

Autodromo Stradale Line Debuts As The Brand's New Flagship Watch Watch Releases

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