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Now, while HM1 was an incredible story, what people don’t really know is that we virtually went bankrupt at some point. What happened is this: we get the funds in and we are working with all the “Friends”, everything is going super well; by April 2006 we already had a working prototype in a gold case! Then, just after Basel, one of the main supplying partners, the one who manufactures the movement has a big financial problem and sells his company to a brand. Of course the brand didn’t buy that supplier to craft movements for MB&F, it bought it to craft movements for themselves! Bottom line, the delivery kept on getting delayed…

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For starters, both carry a water resistance rating of 300 meters, helped along by the screw-in crown and screw-down case back (which features an exhibition window on the automatic model). Both also have similar uni-directional bezels with luminous markers.

No stranger to space-themed timepieces, Romain Jerome released the Spacecraft in 2013 as miniature spaceship in wrist watch form. Designed as a driver's style watch, it has a retrograde jumping hours display which is displayed on the side of the watch and a disc to indicate the minutes on the top of the case. Produced in titanium and PVD black steel, Romain Jerome only produced 99 pieces. Read more on aBlogtoWatch here.

Most notable because of its movement, the new mechanical Formula 1 line is powered by TAG Heuer's Calibre 16. An automatic chronograph movement that uses either an ETA 7750 or a Sellita SW-500 as its base. To the end user, these two movements are identical and either can be used by TAG Heuer to power a Calibre 16 watch, with the decision likely decided by movement availability. The tri-compax layout allows for a maximum measure of 12 hours, with a 30 minute counter at twelve and a central chrono seconds hand.

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We wore a new Montblanc Timewalker model for a little while during SIHH, so we thought you should know a little bit about it. There seems to have been a resurgence in world-timer watches these days among many brands. In many ways this is understandable given the increasingly global nature of our world. No longer is the simple GMT adequate anymore. Knowing only two time-zones is so passé when world-timers offer the possibility of reading off all the time-zones of the world at one glance. Well all of the "normal" timezones. We like to conveniently forget the dozen or so places who deem it necessary to cut the hours up.

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It is also a good time to mention this larger version of the Girard-Perregaux 1996 Automatic watch that comes in a pleasantly sized 41mm wide 18k rose gold case (up from the 38mm wide case of the previous model). It contains a Girard-Perregaux produced calibre GP4500 automatic movement. Retail price is ,800.

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It doesn't take a lot for a guy to go out and buy a watch from one of the major timepiece producers. Sure you need the actual cash, but purchasing a Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, or any of the other name brands is often a mental no-brainer. That's because those brands have created a blanket of trust and sophistication behind their name. Buying one of those watches is like entrance into a club of like-minded people who share your passion and taste. So what does it take to pick up a timepiece from a little guy? An independent brand? A start-up brand? These companies have zero awareness, little branding, and sometimes only a design and goodwill. What does it take for you to want to their watches? Are these only right for select people?

The oldest known form of timekeeping are sundials.  In its simplest form, a graduated circle (or semi-circle) with a stick whose sun shadow indicates approximately the current time.  Such sundials go as far back as the Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations' studies of astronomy (1500 B.C.), the Mayan civilization, the Chinese, and early European civilizations.  The Old Testament has a passage mentioning a sundial as the "dial of Ahaz" in Isaiah 38:8.  The simplicity of such timekeeping mechanisms evokes a period in human evolution where precise timing was less important than having some idea of where in the day the present time was.  While impractical for modern day to day activities, when vacationing, that's exactly what one wants.

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Seiko x Giugiaro 30th Anniversary Spirit Smart Watch Is Redo Of Aliens Classic

Seiko x Giugiaro 30th Anniversary Spirit Smart Watch Is Redo Of Aliens Classic

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In the past two weeks, aBlogtoWatch reviewed two affordable dive watches that changed my mind about boutique dive watch brands. And the other end of the price spectrum, there’s Patek Philippe’s lovely new Gondolo 8 day watch; and we examine the differences between buying watches online as opposed to a brick and mortar retail shop. Speaking of buying watches, after-sales service is very important for luxury watch brands and I recently found out how Audemars Piguet takes care of its customers in Singapore.

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A bit of backstory seems helpful here. I was at Sandia National Labs for about five years while at university, and ours was a high-radiation laboratory. (Small-angle x-ray scattering, details published here.) I worked in a radiation area, and also had the rare opportunity to do experiments on the Sandia 2MW reactor as well as neutrons at Los Alamos. I've had lots of time using radiation detectors of all kinds.

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MB&F has been playing a major role on the stage of high-end watch making for several years now. However, just like with every blockbuster's premier, the public's keen attention is there, but the limelight only shows the final production; and who wouldn't ever wonder just what's going on behind the scenes? In the first segment of this three-part interview, Maximilan Büsser told us about exactly that! We found out how he got involved in the seemingly sleepy world of watch making, and we gained a unique insight into just how difficult it is to get a main character's position.

Cartier, an essential name in the luxury watch world, announced a series of 2013 novelties at SIHH this year. Among the fray is the interesting and notable Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones watch. Available in either pink or white gold, the Tortue XXL world timer offers what at first may seem like a fairly conventional GMT complication until you view the watch from its side. Along its left flank, Cartier has fitted a small window which allows the user to view a selectable range of cities and define their desired local timezone.

That makes sense, but Kelly does repeat that lowering costs is still a big part of the government's goal when it comes to the future of the space program. While he doesn't outright say it, I can tell that while he sees potential in private involvement aiding in innovation, there is also the problem of the profit motive. Will the lure of government contracts be enough? Will the bidding system result in simply getting the job done versus really pushing forward? It is hard to say. I've heard people say that if the government wanted to, it could bring back aerospace as a major employer and area of technological advancement in the United States by selectively funding research and those companies with the most promising projects. It has yet to be seen if that is what will happen. At the same time, companies such as those run by Elon Musk and Richard Branson which show promise and have the resources to actually build rockets that can go into space, are too few and far between at this point. Economically speaking, history has shown that if you want to push toward a very difficult goal and push the boundaries of what was thought possible, you need to (at least for the most part) eliminate the profit motive as a short-term goal. At least that is my opinion. Guys like Mark Kelly did amazing things, and I don't think he was in it to get rich. Well, at least rich enough to get a good watch.

LÜM-TEC lit up the scene (see what we did there?) of affordable, American-designed sports watches when they hit the market back in 2008. From the beginning, their designs have all been about enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. All LÜM-Tec timepieces incorporate their proprietary MDV (Maximum Darkness Visibility) luminescent material, which is about three times brighter than Super-Luminova. In keeping with their low price-points, most components are manufactured overseas, but the brand, design and ingenuity is 100% American homegrown. 5-,295

We discuss Ikepod and Marc Newson and how they broke up. Greubel Forsey's upcoming Art Piece 1 watch gets mulled over and why we think it might be worth the million price tag. Also, what the presidential candidate (and the President) are wearing on their wrist.

In addition to making wristwatches, Breguet seemed to also produce some cockpit dashboard clocks and other instruments, as well as some pocket watches. Military and pilot watches such as these seemed to be what Breguet was all about for much of the 20th century. It was not until the Swatch Group "re-launched" the brand as a luxury company did Breguet "recall" its roots and traditional designs. So for me the Type XX, Type XXI, and Type XXII timepieces are very much a strong part of what Breguet stands for, especially in semi-modern times.

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